Louisburg Cider Mill & Pumpkin Patch

“Fall Fun on the Family Farm”

Louisburg Cider Mill - PrairieTaleTravels

Yesterday, we four Svobodas took a mini daytrip to Louisburg, Kansas to visit the Louisburg Cider Mill (and Pumpkin Patch!)—located just 20 minutes south of Kansas City. We have lived here for three years now, and it was our first time to visit. Lemme tell ya, it was a TREAT!


The Cider Mill opened in 1977 and has been producing delicious products and fun experiences ever since! It’s an 80-acre farm and mill deeply rooted in history and family tradition. With beautiful land, great views, and lots of activities enjoyable for all ages, it’s sure to be a WIN for your family, too!

What We Did…

Louisburg Cider Mill - PrairieTaleTravels
Louisburg Cider Mill - PrairieTaleTravels

Our first stop of the day was the Cider Processing Barn and production line. It was so interesting to see the process and machinery that churns out the cider, adds the spices, and preps each jug of cider for sale. I loved that we were able to peep through the windows as everything was happening to see parts of how apple cider is made. It was also great to be able to point out to Evie the different sights, sounds, and -most of all- smells of the milling process as the apples were juiced and spices added.

After, we meandered through the adorable attached Country Store. It’s filled with gallons of fresh cider, bags of goodies, and loads of adorable local and small shop fare and ware. I picked up some soup mixes to try, Matt nabbed some sausage and cheese to snack on, Evie chose a bag of Pumpkin Spice Almonds to nibble on, and Maggie was perfectly content riding in her stroller and taking it all in. I forced myself to stop the shopping with big plans to return before Christmas for some of their wonderful pre- packaged or made-to-order gift baskets!

Louisburg Cider Mill - PrairieTaleTravels

From there, it was a quick walk across the field to the Family Farm. Tickets are required for entry, but it’s well worth the cost at $10 for adults and free for kiddos under 4. We played first, trying out the Bags sets while Evie took a spin on the Tricycle Track and checked out the Learning Barn. From there, we peeked in at the Bee Hive Exhibit and made our way to the farm animals. Evie and Matt were all in for petting and feeding the goats.

It was then over to the Wagon Ride, where we took a quick stop for Evie to play on the giant swing set and slide down Mount Sunflower. Matt kept a watchful eye, while Mags and I headed to the covered sitting area for a quick nursing session and some people watching. Then, back to the wagon to complete our farm loop to the entry point and homeward we went!

This go around we skipped the 10-acre corn maze, “you pick” pumpkin patch, apple orchards, and historical farmhouse. But, I know that once the girls get a little older, they will be more great reason to go exploring at the mill!

What We Ate…

Louisburg Cider Mill - PrairieTaleTravels

OheMGee, y’all. If you need another reason to go to the cider mill, do it just for the food.

First of all, their cider is seriously spectacular. We got a big ol’ gallon jug of their original apple cider and, a mere 24 hours later, it’s nearly all gone. If traditional cider/fall spices aren’t your favorite, we also got a half gallon of their Chai Cider and it’s great as well. And you cannot leave without trying one of their cinnamon and sugar dusted Apple Cider Donuts (or six, or a dozen…). So. Good. Perfect for a fall day.

Don’t pass by their selections of butters and jams! We busted out the Apple Butter and Pumpkin Butter for snack time tonight and they were SO good! The Apple Butter has that tangy zip of tart fresh apples, and the Pumpkin Butter was beyond compare. Like I mentioned before, new and huge fan planning a return trip for gifting purposes (and maaaybe for some restocking of my own pantry!).

Louisburg Cider Mill - PrairieTaleTravels

We also made it home with some great local cheeses and the best beef sticks I’ve ever had thanks to Burgers’ Smokehouse.

Since we went on a Monday, the rest of the site’s refreshments were unavailable, but the mill does encourage families to bring their own picnics to the property if they desire.

Where It’s At…

14730 K68 Highway, Louisburg, Kansas 66053


Louisburg Cider Mill - PrairieTaleTravels

There you have it! If you ever find yourself in the Kansas City area on a day with great weather, definitely consider a quick trip down to Louisburg!

I’d love to hear: Have you ever been to the Louisburg Cider Mill or any others during your travels? Have you also had great experiences with your family or mmmm, not so much? I’d love to know!