How Maskcara Lured Me Back to Makeup

Hi friends! I’m Jamie. I’m a mom of two littles and a third on the way. I stay at home while my darling dearest works his tush off for a railroad company during the week and flies helicopters for the National Guard on the weekend. It’s the busiest job I’ve ever had and also the most rewarding while concurrently making the least amount of money possible. Ah, the momlife. But recently, four years in, I was feeling the exhaustion. I was feeling a bit…lost. Not like lost and confused, but lost as in “Where did the old me go?” The one who graduated college, who taught inner city school to help make the world a better place, who changed careers to help others find their dream jobs. All of that knowledge, drive, experience, skills didn’t just vanish. It just got tucked away to allow other new important skills to come out. (Fun fact: I had to wake my hubs up our third night after having Evie to teach me how to change a diaper. I had literally never changed a diaper before I had a kid of my own. So, there were quite a few new skills for me to acquire.)

So, in my quest to find more me and rekindle a bit of who I once was, I found the most amazing team of moms with some eerily similar stories who all had something in common: Maskcara Beauty. Yup. You read that right. A makeup company. I looked, and then I leaped. Right into the thick of things. Despite having worn little to no makeup in the last four years of my life (because oldlife momlife did not call for impressing anyone with my messy buns and comfy pants), I felt drawn to the product and to the group of people sharing it. It was new. It was beautiful. It was easy. It was FUN!

So, without further ado, here are just some of the reasons why it was love at first sight between me and my new makeup!

Maskcara Beauty - PrairieTaleTravels
Maskcara Beauty - PrairieTaleTravels
  1. It’s. A. Kit. I loooooove kits! Kits are my jam! Kits have kept me sane by keeping my kiddos busy. I wanted a kit. A mom kit! The Maskcara kits are just that! The palettes are designed to hold everything you need for a quick makeup session with beautiful results. Your highlighter, contour, lip + cheek color, and illuminator are all conveniently nestled together inside of a compact and ready to go when you are. It’s brilliant. See for yourself!

  2. It’s fast. It’s designed for a “5-minute face.” Apply. Blend. Go. What more does a busy mom need? Well, a lot. But this is a great start! Even better, it’s mess-free. No sticky, gunky makeup hands. Another mom win.

  3. It’s not a system. Each makeup product is great in and of itself! Need a bold and luxurious eye shadow to add to the collection for date night? Check these out! Love your foundation but want an easy way to add dimension? Add a creamy contour to your routine! Need to replace one but not the rest? No problemo! Especially considering….

  4. FREE shipping & a 30-day Money Back Return Policy. Not the right color? Not the right fit? Send it back!

  5. The makeup is top-of-the-line. Cruelty free, paraben free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, oil-free, mineral-free, all natural, and organic. Plus, an easy-to-navigate ingredients list right here to check for anything specific.

  6. Made in the USA. You’re supporting awesome moms and entrepreneurs, you’re shopping small, you’re supporting the economy, you know where you're makeup’s been and what’s inside of it. Feel good about it!

Ready to see for yourself? Start shopping! Have some lingering questions? Reach me directly here! Interested in a virtual color match to get your own personalized palette? Email me jamie and we can work together to build something incredible!!!

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