Kids, Kits, & Keeping It Real: My Maskcara Story

My very first Maskcara purchase! Just the packaging itself made me feel prettier just looking at it! :)

My very first Maskcara purchase! Just the packaging itself made me feel prettier just looking at it! :)

I started 2019 off with one goal: to dedicate more quality time to myself. And, honestly, it feels selfish just to type that! I’ve spent nearly four whole years in the trenches of motherhood. While trenches might sound a bit dramatic, consider that life is filled with endless late nights, blurry early mornings, being constantly on alert, and finding yourself up to your eyes in the bodily fluids of tiny humans. It’s not exactly for the faint of heart (rightfully so though, amirite?).

So, this year my solution is to institute MomMe Monday, a way to hold myself accountable to my extreme goals of taking showers more than twice a week, putting on makeup more often than just holidays, and wearing real pants…sometimes. I will find a few more minutes and a few more dollars each week to invest in myself with the idea that looking more pulled together sometimes will help me feel more pulled together all the time. A little quality investment can pay off tenfold.

Great. Goals = Set. Now, how do I actually accomplish this?!? This seems to always be where I get stuck! Anyone else? How do I beat this? My solution: find something that I can truly feel invested in! Enter my new favorite thing in the world: Maskcara Beauty!

A month ago, I had literally never heard of this company! I didn’t even know what I was missing in my life! The concept behind the swoon-worthy makeup is it’s five-minute, mess-free kit design by a makeup artist mama specifically for people on-the-go. How perfect?!?! Too perfect. I was skeptical. Could it really live up to all of its lofty promises, envy-inducing results, and beautiful marketing? I had to try.

Armed with my credit card and the reassurance of a 30-day money-back guarantee, I jumped in and honestly have never looked back! It was everything I was hoping for: fast, easy, and fun! The novelty of it and the brilliant results has me putting on makeup even when I have zero intention of leaving the house—some days just need a little more oomph and a lot more warpaint.

So, when an amazing opportunity to join the Maskcara team as an artist presented itself a couple weeks later, I felt compelled to do it. To go for it. To invest in me. To use the opportunity to hold myself accountable to me and my personal goal while sharing the joy I had found with others…just in case they too were looking for a little more beauty and a lot more MomMe in their lives!

I genuinely hope you’ll follow along on my latest adventure and send me an email if you want to join me! Or check it out for yourself at!