Valentine's Tackle Box

Valentine's Tackle Box


This Valentine’s Day, give your favorite little sweeties the gift of creative fun and open-ended imaginative play! Each play dough tackle box is packed full of colorful treats perfectly paired with scented sensory dough for hours of parent/child co-play, entertainment for busy siblings, and fostering independent playtime. Even better? No sugar rush AND you might even be able to sneak some “me time” in! Treat yo self!

  • FREE personalization! (first names, family names, or short phrases such as “Happy Valentine’s Day”)

  • Priority Mail shipping!

  • Ingredients: flour, salt, cream of tartar, vegetable oil, water, food coloring, essential oils (peppermint, vanilla, wintergreen)

  • For the safety of your little ones: Boxes are recommended for ages 3+ due to small pieces that could be a potential choking hazard. Cookie cutters are stainless steel and can be hand-washed for reuse with dough or for food preparation, but should be used under adult supervision due to potentially sharp metal edges. Sensory dough is non-toxic but should not be ingested due to the use of essential oils. Please contact me with any specific questions you may have!

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