Snackle Boxes!


Snackle Box, oh, Snackle Box! How I adore thee!

I fell in love with these on a recent 10-hour road trip with the kidlettes. A catchy little blend of "snack" and "tackle," these little pups get loaded with your favorite road trip munchies and add as pop of novelty to brighten the most mundane of car ride or in-flight scenery.

The different compartments allow for variety without making it a mix and keep the crumbs from commingling. I love choosing a theme to get started, but nothing beats a mad-dash through the grocery store for a quick fill.

While the concept originated from road trip snacking, I think Snackle Boxes can be adapted for a whole slew of situations. Think: movie night sweet treats, healthy pre-game pick-me-ups, sibling entertainment during said games, daily snack prep toss-and-go for backpacks and diaper bags, etc.

You can order some for your favorite tiny travelers here!

Here are some of my favorite filler ideas to get you started!:

  • pretzels

  • nuts and peanuts

  • non-melting candy {all things gummy, hard candies, candy jewelry, etc.}

  • Cheese-Its and Cheese Nips

  • Gold Fish

  • Teddy Grahams and graham crackers

  • small cookies

  • animal crackers

  • fruit snacks

  • freeze-dried yogurt bites

  • cereal

  • fresh fruit and veggies {grapes, strawberries, celery sticks, olives, etc.}

  • dried fruit {apricots, banana chips, raisins, etc.}

  • marshmallows


What are your favorite Snackle Box ideas??? What brilliance am I missing out on?